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Interlink 6 revision key

12 de May de 2009
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Revision for PC2 – YOUNG EXPRESS 6 key

1-Choose the correct option to complete the text.

1-C, 2-A, 3-D, 4-C, 5- (5 is incorrect, it is actually number 6… sorry…)B, 6-B, 7- A, 8- C, 9- A, 10- D

2-Circle the correct option to complete the sentences.

1- during, 2- anything, 3- is exprected, 4- yourself, 5- embarassed

3- Choose the best adjective to complete the sentences.

1- assertive, 2- sporty, 3- sensible, 4- sensitive

4- Complete the second sentence so that it means the first as the same. (Different answers, gramatically correct are possible, too)

1- book costed. 2- are believed. 3- to remain calm. 4- get used to. 5- I`m studying only English

5- Complete the sentences with the correct preposition.

1- with. 2- from. 3-in. 4- with. 5- on

6- Choose the correct option to complete the sentences.

1- B, 2- C, 3- A, 4- D, 5- B (`is` is missing in the sentence)

7- Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verbs.

1- was walking. 2- walked. 3- had seen. 4-  had already been.

If you have any problem, call me, ok? 99876014



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Sunset boulevard – Young 6

6 de April de 2009


You`ve just watched Sunset Boulevard (Crepusculo dos deuses) and your task is to research the life of a silent movie star whose carrier got ruined to give room to movies as we know them nowadays.

This work is NOT to be handed, altough you can use the blog to communicate and ask for help and solve issues as they come. What we will do is have a class to present your research. You are to bring pictures and you are free to use Powerpoint ou Promethean (if you decide to use the second one, you`ll need some time at the Cultura) on your presentation.

I`ll help you whenever you need. Presentation dates will be set in class.

Cheers, beautiful people!

Hello, there!

Here are the topics you will, in groups of 3 or 4, research

Group 1 – Rodolfo Valentino ( Ana Carolina, Julia, Nathalia and Marcia)

Group 2– Louise brooks (Ana Paula, Arthur, Leo and Carol)

Group 3– Charles Chaplin (Filipe, Hugo and Lucas)

Group 4– What happened with the end of the silent movies era.  Leo

All groups must present on  June 22nd


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