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Interlink 4 revision key | 13 de May de 2009

Interlink 4 revision for PC2 key

1- Choose the correct option to complete the text.

1-A, 2- A, 3- A, 4- B, 5- C, 6- C, 7- B, 8- C, 9- B, 10- B, 11- A

2- Complete the sentences…

1- Have you finished, 2- has been working, 3- did you send, 4- hasn`t done

3- Choose the correct expression to complete…

1- can`t, mustn`t, don`t have to, 2- have to, 3- can`t, mustn`t, 4- can`t, mustn`t

4- Complete the dialogue. (here, any gramatically correct sentence will be considered.)

1- yourself, 2- and why did you leave, 3- have you worked for them, 4-would you like to work here, 5- did you say you were applying

5- Use a word from box A and a word from box B…

1- look after, 2- write down, 3- come back, 4- go off, 5- look for, 6- find out

6- Choose the correct option to complete the sentences.

1- B, 2-A, 3- A, 4- B, 5- C

7- Circle the correct option to complete…

1- interesting, 2- boring, 3- excited, 4- tired, 5- fascinated, 6- fascinating

If you have any problem, just call me, ok? 99876014



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