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Blast from the past ; ) | 27 de March de 2009

Art and me

How shocking it was for me to hear from some students that I had not told them all about my… well… unusual source of water as a child. So, if you’re one of those who still doesn’t have TMI (too much information) on your teacher yet, lay back and relax because this status is about to change…

Every one of us have cute stories to tell about our old days. The story I am going to tell today happened when I was about 4.

All my life I loved water, it is still my favourite “liquid thing” and my mother always knew that, and for that reason, every time I came to her and said “Mamãe, bebei água” (which used to happen God knows how many times a day) she was fine with that and may I say, happy, knowing her cute little daughter would never have bladder problems. One day she noticed that the tips of my hair (which was always short, Chanel style) were constantly wet, but not the rest of the hair. Finding it quite curious, she decided to investigate and went after me to see how that phenomenon was happening. Well, “the legends says” she was really scared/surprised when she saw me with my entire head into the toilet drinking water… ; ) and then she thought it may not be such a good thing that her baby loved water so much.

Poor mother. Of course she took me to the doctor, lowered the house filter and gave me medicines to stop the possible worms from growing inside of me… hey, I’m still alive and kicking, right? ; )

Now I’ve got a child of my own. He is 3, gorgeous and healthy and I thank God for that everyday.

He has not (has he?) drank water from the toilet… yet! ; )

How about you? Ask your mother, father, grandparents about the cute little things you used to do as a child and please post them. Let’s share! (of course you get a candy from me in classroom if you do! ; )


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